Saturday, 14 May 2016

Steaks Cooked to perfection in minutes using your favourite griddle pan

Nothing satisfies an enthusiastic home chef more than having a complete set of quality non stick cookware in the kitchen. One particular item of popular choice is the griddle pan. Searing the perfect steak in a quality non stick griddle pan couldn’t be easier and quicker to suit today’s fast paced action lifestyle. Whether you like your steak well done, medium rare or chargrilled with those beautiful lines just like you get when you order in a fancy restaurant, you will receive a perfectly cooked steak every time following a few simple tricks at home. Selecting your cooking equipment Many methods present themselves when cooking your favourite steak – whether it be beef, lamb, pork or even turkey, selecting the right method will be key to getting the desired flavour. Using a quality non stick fry pan or griddle pan are the most obvious choices.

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